Jessica Jane Mu - 22 y.o ♕ - Melb, Aus
Loves kickboxing, sneakers, bikinis, sports gear, fitness, gaming, tattoos, travel and everything in between
50.2kg | 8.26% b.f | 1.63cm short

Don't hesitate to ask me questions (: But Please be patient with the replies, I don't sit on tumblr all day long, I have shit to do too
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Want to work out with a buddy? Try some of these exercises:

  1. Handclap plank - both starting off on the ground, raise yourselves up with one arm and slap hands, alternating each time.
  2. V-sit side touch & pass - never declining and holding the v sit, twist and touch both sides and then pass the mediball off to your partner. Both must always twist and touch.
  3. Mediball crunch - get your partner to stand over you and lock your feet into their legs. Crunch up, pass the mediball to them and come back down, then crunch up and grab the mediball again, repeat. 
  4. Crunch & stand - Crunch and using your core stand up, throw two punches when you reach the top, then lower yourself back down. Make sure your partner gives you a slight pull on your legs when you’re coming up!

Have fun with these!

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